How does the quote system work? (Supplier)

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Key Things to Know

  • Only registered buyers can request quotes from suppliers.
  • A buyer may request a quote for up to 4 products (from up to 4 suppliers) simultaneously.
  • Buyer’s payment is handled by TLM. A supplier may request payout after confirmation that the shipping terms have been met. Payout methods include:
    • Hard check – free to the supplier
    • Wire transfer – TLM pays outgoing fee, the supplier pays incoming fee
    • Paypal – supplier is responsible for all paypal fees
  • It is your responsibility to understand and act in accordance with all agreed shipping/finance terms.
  • A record of the entire quote process - including all information, status changes, payments, messages, and attachments – will be saved in your supplier dashboard.

The Quote Process

A video tutorial of this process is available here.

  • After logging in to his/her TLM account, a buyer will find the desired product(s) and click the Request Quote
  • Buyers will complete the initial quote request form. Key fields include product, quantity, need by date, and shipping location.
  • TLM will review the request and then forward it to the supplier(s).
  • Suppliers will be notified via email a new request for quote has been received and instructed to login to their supplier dashboard where they can accept/deny the request for quote.
    • If you deny the request for quote, the process is complete.
    • If you accept the quote, you then nsert the cost (product, shipping, and tax), delivery date, financial & shipping terms, notes and any attachments.
  • Buyers will then review the Supplier’s quote. The buyer can message the supplier if more information is needed, decline the quote, or make a full payment.
  • If a payment is made, TLM will confirm the funds were received and then notify the supplier to fulfill the order.
  • The supplier will be notified via email a payment has been received and instructed to fulfill & ship the order. Once shipped, suppliers must login to their supplier dashboard, mark the quote as shipped and insert the courier name, tracking number, and any additional shipping information.
  • Once the shipping terms have been met, the buyer will confirm delivery of the order. This indicates the quote is complete and the supplier can then request payout.
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