Buyer Ready Checklist

Are you ready to sell on The Level Market? Review this checklist to ensure you are buyer ready

  • Completed a kick off call with a TLM Staff member (if not, simply request one by emailing
  • Reviewed the tutorials in TLM’s Supplier Resources YouTube channel
  • Know the username & password for accessing your Supplier Dashboard on The Level Market
  • Familiarized yourself with the Supplier Dashboard
  • Completed your Supplier Profile (found in the Supplier Dashboard)
    • Double check contact information, address, company logo, finance info
    • If you decide to be paid via check, TLM will use the address provided. 
  • Uploaded products via the supplier dashboard (a video tutorial is available in TLM's Supplier Resources YouTube channel to assist in this process)
    • Manage Products: Completed all fields
    • Single Units & Quantity Options: Confirmed price & stock is up to date.
    • Quote: Enabled if you will accept quotes for custom and/or bulk orders (checkbox selected)
    • Technical Specifications: Inserted relevant tech specs from those provided by TLM and any additional you may want to add.
    • Product Certifications and Standards: Inserted certification and/or standards the product meets and uploaded relevant documentation.
    • Tests: Included internal and 3rd-party test results. Uploaded docs.
    • Warranty, Return, and Exchange policies: Completed fields.
    • Shipping: Inserted the flat rate and price per lb. for U.S. shipping. Deselected states and territories where you will not ship this product.
    • Taxes: This is the supplier’s responsibility. Selected the states where your company has nexus and inserted your specific state sales tax for that location. 
  • Enabled all products. Setting your status to enabled (tab) means your product is live.
  • Reviewed your listings on The Level Market to be sure you are happy with how everything is displayed to buyers.
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