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Pricing Questions and Answers

Q: We have an e-commerce presence.  How should our TLM pricing compare? 

A:  Displayed price on TLM should be the same or less as other sites.

Q: This is our 1st e-commerce experience.  What decisions do we need to make?

A:  Select products you can easily package and ship in a timely fashion and enable the Quote button. Develop an e-commerce pricing strategy for aid buyers.  Keep in mind that we’re here to help and the supplier dashboard provides flexibility for all of your needs.

Q: We only accept volume orders.  How should we set up on TLM?

A:  Our Quote option is perfect for you.  It enables you to respond to each query as it comes in, whether it is for sample/testing units or a volume order.

Q:  We have several pricing levels we use for types of buyers and geographical considerations. How do we deal with this on TLM?

A:  TLM is a humanitarian marketplace.  A new world of aid buyers will find and purchase your products on this platform and it will require its own pricing strategy.  Keep in mind that displayed pricing for Single Units and Quantity Packs is important since it will be a key decision point for buyers.  You have the option of providing two pricing levels on the site, if you opt to offer a discount to nonprofits.  We encourage a custom, competitive pricing strategy for quotes since you will often be competing with other suppliers.

Q:  Who will shop on TLM?

A:  We built our site to connect humanitarian suppliers and buyers.  We will market the site to NGOs, government agencies, and other aid organizations.  Just as many other e-commerce platforms, it is an open site which will serve a wide variety of buyers.

Q:  Can we offer special nonprofit pricing to qualified buyers?

A:  Yes! TLM's nonprofit discount feature enables you to offer nonprofit pricing on all products. This pricing will only be available to registered buyers whose nonprofit status has been verified by TLM, so you can feel good knowing only relevant organizations will see these prices. 

Q:  Taxes:  Whose responsibility is it to calculate and add taxes to orders?

A:  Suppliers will be responsible for adding tax to an order. TLM provides a tax table and additional resources for your reference in the Supplier Dashboard (under manage products – US Taxes tab).

Q:  Shipping:  What do we need to have in place to sell on TLM?

A: To accept a Quote order, you must be able to meet the deadline requested by the buyer.  Should you need the assistance of a logistics provider, please ask for our preferred vendor list.

Q:  We don’t have the ability to ship within two days.  What should we do?

A:  It is best to use the Quote function only since it allows for messaging with a buyer.

Q:  Our inventory fluctuates.  How should we handle this?

A:  One option is to designate a certain amount of product to sales on TLM.  We provide an inventory tracking tool that will alert you when stock is low.  Additionally, you can designate an MOQ as well as factory lead time for each product listed on The Level Market. This will give buyers an idea of the production time while still allowing you to respond to orders. 

Q:  How much can we learn about the buyers before fulfilling orders?

A:  Through quote, you will know the name and address of the company upfront, and be able to message the supplier if desired. You will also be able to see the intended use of the product (for example, testing, humanitarian setting, etc).

Q:  We don’t sell Single Units, but do provide samples.  How should we list?

A:  You can mention in your product description that you provide sample units. Buyers will then be able to submit a request via quote and you can fulfill single units.

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