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Units, Quantities & Quote

Aid and development products come in all shapes and sizes.  Behind our easy-to-navigate site are powerful tools built-in for suppliers to accommodate buyers’ requests as well as their own sales strategies.  TLM provides the following listing options:

  1. Single Units: For selling products individually and for offering samples units.  A minimum and maximum can be set.  Unit price displayed will help buyers as they search and compare products.
  2. Quantity Packs: For selling boxes or packages of products, which may reflect a discount for buyers.  Promotes easy shipping and no-haggle pricing.  Suppliers can set a minimum and maximum number for each Quantity Pack also.


    Quote: For custom orders that may involve large volumes and int’l shipping.  Buyers may request a quote for up to three products.

The first two options enable instant purchases through the shopping cart, with upfront payment collected.  Quote streamlines the process for custom orders and is also transacted through the shopping cart as per accepted terms.  Instant purchases are for U.S. orders and Quote is used for international transactions, custom orders, and bulk purchases.

While we encourage our suppliers to think through a pricing strategy for TLM that includes all three fields to give buyers several purchasing options, we have made it possible to turn on and off these options via the dashboard to suit supplier’s specific needs. 

For more information please see the help article titled 'Pricing FAQs'. 

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