We're running a deal on our product. Can TLM help us promote it?

So you've created your account on TLM and your products listings are up. You've got killer pictures of your innovative relief supplies in the field and all the information the buyer needs to make a purchase decision. But now you have a limited-time special to sweeten the deal and make your product even more attractive to prospective buyers. How do you alert TLM to your promotion and what can we do to help? We're glad you asked!

If you are running a special deal or promotion on any of the products you have listed on The Level Market all you need to do is email us with the details and we'll promote it for you. We'll let buyers know the particulars and direct them to your product listing on the site. We use our extensive networks, as well as social media and marketing campaigns to reach target buyers so tell us what you've got going on and we'll promote your products!

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